Create highly integrated products with a smaller package and increased functionality

By assembling, testing and shipping more than one million System in Package (SiP) devices per day, Amkor has a proven track record as the industry leader in SiP design, assembly and test.

Amkor’s Center of Excellence, K4 Kwangju, South Korea, offers large-scale manufacturing capabilities and significant volume production support with very short cycle times.

We have developed expertise in RF and digital testing including test system software/hardware development and manufacturing test. Our internally-developed, world-class test platform typically offer a 50% to 80% reduction in test time for common RF parts – PAs, LNAs and combinations in Integrated Front Ends (IFEs). With RF and high-speed digital design engineers on staff to assist customers in designing SiPs for their applications, Amkor can meet all design, material and manufacturing requirements for these advanced solutions.

Existing market uses for SiP include:

  • RF and wireless devices
    Power amplifiers, front end module, antenna switch, GPS/GNSS modules, cellular handset and infrastructure, Bluetooth® solutions
  • IoT for Wearable and Machine to Machine (M2M)
    Connectivity, MEMS, microcontroller, memory, PMIC and other mix-mode devices
  • Automotive applications
    Infotainment and sensory modules

  • Power Modules
    DC/DC converter, LDO, PMIC, battery management and others
  • Logic, analog and mixed-mode technology
    Tablets, PCs, display and audio
  • Computing and networking
    5G networking and modems, data center, storage and SSD


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