How we got to where we are today.

An image of the front gate of the original Anam Industrial factory

Amkor Technology, Inc., headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, United States, started its first semiconductor business in Korea in 1968 and is a global leader in the Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) industry. Amkor combines America and Korea in name and demonstrates reliability and trust in action.

Honorary chairman Hyang-Soo Kim established ANAM Industrial Co. Ltd, the predecessor of Amkor Technology, on the philosophy of pioneering entrepreneurship, economic patriotism, employment expansion and human resource development.

Amkor Electronics Joo-Jin Hyang-Soo and CEO

ANAM started with three wire bonders and two die bonders. The company began exporting semiconductors enclosed in metal cans to the U.S. in 1970. It was the first recorded semiconductor export in Korea. Hyang-Soo Kim sold ANAM’s products around the world in collaboration with chairman Joo-Jin (James) Kim, the eldest son of Hyang-Soo Kim and founder of Amkor Electronics, Inc. (1970).

Amkor Electronics focused on sales and marketing in the US and ANAM concentrated on production and R&D in Korea. In 1998, Amkor Electronics was listed publicly and became Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor K5 Facility

Amkor Technology, Inc. has grown to become a world-class supplier in the semiconductor industry, providing the highest quality packaging and test services.

With more than 30,000 employees at 20 manufacturing locations in 8 countries, Amkor is a strong contributor to the development of the global semiconductor industry.

Amkor’s timeline: the history of a technology leader

Explore Amkor’s history of continuous improvement, growth and innovation by year.

50 Years of Leadership: The Amkor Timeline

October 11

October 2023

Drone shot of Amkor Vietnam Factory
On October 11, 2023, Amkor Technology celebrated the grand inauguration of our latest facility, Amkor Technology Vietnam (ATV), located in Bac Ninh
September 12

September 2023

Amkor and other semiconductor executives in a meeting room with President Biden
Amkor Technology joined top executives from major U.S. and Vietnamese companies at the Vietnam-U.S. Innovation & Investment Summit during President Joe Biden’s visit to Hanoi.
August 28

August 2023

Amkor executive team at Nasdaq bell ringing
Amkor Technology proudly marked its 55th year in business and 25th anniversary of being listed on the Nasdaq during the August 28 Nasdaq Closing Bell ceremony.
March 1

March 2023

Amkor 55th Anniversary logo
Amkor Technology celebrates its 55th Anniversary
August 11

August 2022

Amkor released its inaugural Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) report
July 5

July 2022

Link to Qorvo Awarded Amkor Korea for Enabling Outstanding Service and Support
Qorvo awarded Amkor Korea for enabling outstanding service and support
December 11

December 2021

An image of the Amkor Infineon Best OSAT Award
Amkor wins “2021 Best OSAT Supplier Award” from Infineon Technologies
November 4

November 2021

An image of the Amkor Technology Vietnam factory
Amkor announces new factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam
November 2

November 2021

Samsung Electronics partners with Amkor on the development of leading-edge H-Cube™ solution
October 14

October 2021

Link to IMAPS 2021 Corporate Recognition Award
Amkor receives “IMAPS 2021 Corporate Recognition Award”
May 12

May 2020

Amkor empowers RF front-end cellular innovations with new DSMBGA SiP technology
July 22

July 2019

An image of a AoP Package
Amkor leads 5G mmWave smartphone, IoT and emerging applications with Antenna in Package/Antenna on Package (AiP/AoP) technology
December 13

December 2018

Amkor offers optical package solutions for multiple applications
September 9

September 2018

An image of Amkor Taiwan T6 factory
Amkor’s new test facility T6 begins operations in Taiwan
July 18

July 2018

AN image of the SmartPackage PDAK
Amkor delivers the industry’s first Package Assembly Design Kit (PADK) to support Mentor’s high-density advanced packaging tools
April 16

April 2018

Amkor factories receive IATF 16949, a key automotive certification
January 9

January 2018

Amkor 50 Years anniversary logo
Amkor Technology celebrated its 50th anniversary
May 19

May 2017

An image of the Amkor Technology Portugal factory
Amkor Technology acquires wafer level fan-out semiconductor packaging provider NANIUM in Portugal
March 1

March 2017

An image of technician working on factory floor
Global R&D Center (K5) begins production
December 14

December 2016

Amkor completes product qualification of SWIFT® packaging for advanced mobile, networking and SiP applications
June 28

June 2016

Amkor Technology opens MEMS packaging line in China
March 19

March 2016

An image of the grand opening of K5
Amkor Technology completes construction of Global R&D Center and K5 plant
March 19

March 2015

An image of the Amkor Technology Munich, Germany office
Amkor Technology sales office established in Munich, Germany
February 20

February 2015

An image of Amkor Technology HQ in Tempe, Arizona USA
Amkor Technology moves company headquarters to Tempe, AZ from Chandler, AZ
December 16

December 2014

Amkor Technology licenses proprietary copper pillar wafer bump technology to GlobalFoundries
March 19

July 2013

An image of Amkor Technology Malaysia factory
Amkor Technology acquires Toshiba’s automotive semiconductor operation in Malaysia
March 19

March 2013

Amkor Technology and J-Devices acquire three additional semiconductor plants in Japan from Renesas Semiconductor
February 19

February 2012

Amkor Technology and J-Devices acquire two additional semiconductor plants in Japan from Fujitsu Semiconductor
July 19

July 2011

AEO certification from the highest AAA rating Customs
December 19

July 2010

An image of copper pillars
The world’s first 40 µm fine pitch flip chip with copper pillar development and production by Amkor and Texas Instruments
December 19

October 2009

J-Devices logo
Amkor establishes J-Devices in Kyushu, Japan through joint venture with NMD and Toshiba
May 19

May 2008

Amkor Technology celebrates the 40th anniversary of Amkor Korea’s semiconductor business
September 19

September 2006

Amkor, Common platform Technology Alliance with IBM, Chartered and Samsung
June 19

June 2005

Image of Amkor Technology HQ in Chandler, Arizona USA
Amkor Technology moves company headquarters to Chandler, AZ from West Chester, PA
August 19

August 2004

Amkor Technology acquires Unitive (USA and Taiwan Corporation)
May 30

May 2004

An image of the Amkor Technology Singapore factory
Amkor Technology acquires IBM Singapore test plant (Amkor Technology Singapore, Inc.)
May 1

May 2004

Amkor Technology acquires second major semiconductor plant in Shanghai, China from IBM
February 19

February 2004

Amkor Technology establishes second semiconductor plant in Taiwan
May 19

May 2002

Amkor Technology acquires Citizen Watch semiconductor assembly business
December 19

December 2001

Image of Amkor Technology Taiwan factory
Amkor Technology establishes two semiconductor packaging plants in Taiwan
July 19

July 2001

An image of Amkor Technology China factory
Amkor Technology establishes semiconductor packaging plant in Shanghai, China
March 19

March 2001

Amkor Technology engages in a joint venture with Toshiba in Japan
November 19

November 2000

Amkor Technology Philippines P4 semiconductor plant completed
May 19

May 1998

Nasdaq logo
Amkor Technology, Inc. listed on NASDAQ (AMKR)
April 19

April 1997

Image of employees at opening ceremony of Amkor K4 factory
Amkor Technology Korea K4 semiconductor packaging plant completed
January 19

January 1995

An image of Amkor Technology Philippines P3
Amkor Technology Philippines P3 semiconductor packaging plant completed
December 19

December 1993

ANAM Industrial sales office established in France
March 19

March 1989

An image of the Amkor Technology Philippines P1 factory
Amkor acquires AMD semiconductor plant establishing Amkor Philippines
January 19

January 1987

ANAM Industrial office established in Tokyo, Japan
December 14

March 1970

An image of a pile of transistors
ANAM Semiconductor production and export begins
April 19

April 1968

An image of the first Amkor Electronics HQ in West Chester, Pennsylvania USA
Joo-Jin (James) Kim founded Amkor Electronics, Inc. (current Amkor Technology, Inc.) and opened the sales office of the semiconductor packaging company in Philadelphia
March 14

March 1968

An image of the front gate of the original Anam Industrial factory
After 33 years, ANAM Industries became ANAM Industrial Co. Ltd., South Korea’s first semiconductor business
December 2


An image of a antique bicycle
In 1935, Hyang-Soo Kim opened his first business in Seoul, Korea, selling imported Japanese goods, including bicycles