Flexible design parameters to optimize performance and cost

Amkor’s Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) incorporates the most advanced assembly processes and designs for cost/performance applications.

PBGA packages are designed for low inductance, improved thermal operation and enhanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) ability. This advanced IC package technology allows application and design engineers to optimize innovations while maximizing the performance characteristics of semiconductors. Custom performance enhancements, like ground and power planes, are available for significant improvements in electrical response demanded by advanced electronics. Additionally, these packages utilize industry proven, semiconductor grade materials for reliable, long-term operations while providing user flexible design parameters.

The integrated design features of Amkor’s PBGAs offer enhanced performance in many devices, making this the ideal package for microprocessors/controllers, ASICs, gate arrays, memory, DSPs, PLDs, graphics, and chipsets. Applications requiring improved portability, form-factor/size and high-performance such as cellular, wireless telecommunications, PCMCIA cards, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computing, video cameras, storage drives, and similar products benefit from Amkor’s PBGA attributes.


  • Custom ball counts to 1521
  • 1.00, 1.27 & 1.50 mm standard ball pitch available, other ball pitches available upon request, (e.g. 0.8 mm)
  • 17 mm to 40 mm body sizes
  • Thin Au wire (0.5 mil) or Cu wire compatible
  • Chip-on-Chip (CoC)
  • Large mold cap for quality enhancement
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Thermal and electrical enhancement capable
  • Highly flexible internal routing of signal, power, and ground for device performance and system compatibility
  • HDI designs possible

  • Suitable substrate for multi-die (MCM) and integrated SMT structures
  • Mature strip based manufacturing process with high yields
  • Full in-house design capability
  • Quickest design-to-prototype delivery
  • Perimeter, stagger and full ball arrays
  • Special packaging for memory available
  • Multi-layer, ground/power
  • JEDEC MS-034 standard outlines
  • Excellent reliability
  • 63 Sn/37 Pb or Pb-free solder balls
  • Automotive AEC-Q100 Compliance


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