The ideal solution for high-performance applications

High power and high-speed ICs that require enhanced electrical and thermal performance benefit from the higher functional capabilities of Amkor’s laminate package technology.

Laminate packages employ a BGA design, which utilizes a plastic or tape laminate substrate over a leadframe substrate, and places the electrical connections on the bottom of the package rather than around the perimeter.

Evenly distributed bumps across the bottom surface of the substrate provide the electrical connection to the system board. This BGA format offers lower thermal resistance, lower inductance and a higher number of interconnects than leadframe packages.

Laminate packages are the ideal solution for high-performance applications such as gate arrays, microprocessors/controllers, memory, chipsets, analog, Flash, SRAM, DRAM, ASICs, DSPs, RF devices and PLDs.


Designed to meet low-cost, minimum space and high performance requirements


Integration solutions for RF front-end modules


Design flexibility for a wide range of end applications


When enhanced electrical performance in a small package is critical

FlipStack® CSP

Stacking complex devices to address a range of design requirements

Interposer PoP

Offers EMS and OEMs a flexible and cost-effective platform


Optimize performance, portability and form factor

Stacked CSP

High level of integration for an array of design requirements

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