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Amkor Technology is a top OSAT for MEMS and optical sensor packaging and test services. Our capabilities for MEMS and sensor devices in automotive, authentication, consumer, mobile and wearable sensors include automotive CIS, fingerprint, pressure, TOF, temperature, humidity, accelerometer/gyroscope/IMU, gas and microphones. The application for these sensors ranges from wearable consumer devices to ADAS systems in automotive. Amkor has dedicated lines for these products in Europe and Asia that are geared towards different requirements for these applications.

High volume, standard package platforms for custom solutions


Standard package for MEMS and sensors

Sensor Fusion

Combining multiple sensors in a single package

Sensor in Package

Multiple sensors integrated with additional functionality


IoT Devices
  • CIS, radar, LIDAR for ADAS
  • Inertial, accelerometers, gas, temperature,  pressure sensors
  • Highly integrated solutions with 20+ years of experience
  • AEC-Q certified factories

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An image of a person clicking on car infotainment dashboard
  • Fingerprint sensors: Capacitive, optical, RF
  • Integrated packages for facial recognition
  • Credit cards: Thin package structure

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Asian woman having face scanned for authentication on her smartphone
  • Environmental sensors for home & industrial applications
  • Low power, small footprint
  • Cost effective solutions using industry standard packages

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  • Sensors for smartphones and smartwatches
  • Audio products for hearables
  • Integrated solutions for AR/VR glasses

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