Increase the level of integration for RF front-end modules

To continue to improve the integration and robustness of RFFE solutions, Amkor has developed a Double Sided Molded Ball Grid Array (DSMBGA) package which allows molded assembly of components on both sides of the substrate. With the rise of 5G, cellular frequency bands have grown considerably, requiring innovative solutions for the packaging of RF front-end modules for smartphones and other 5G-enabled devices. Amkor’s DSMBGA is the leading example of such solutions. Expanding on years of experience in delivering world-class advanced System in Package (SiP) technology, Amkor was the first OSAT to offer DSMBGA and continues to pave the way for further breakthroughs.

Leading innovation, increasing integration


Amkor’s double-sided packaging technology has vastly increased the level of integration for RF front-end modules used in smartphones and other mobile devices. Common RF front-end modules consist of a low noise amplifier (LNA), power amp, RF switch, RF filters and duplexes.

The DSMBGA allows molded assembly of active, passive and antenna tuner components on both sides of the substrate, along with compartmental or conformal shielding.


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