Amkor helps customers address size, power restrictions/requirements and budget constraints of end products

Today’s extensive communications capabilities rely on a variety of wired and wireless technologies. While protocols vary considerably for wired and wireless communications, hardware requirements for infrastructure and specific markets are frequently very similar. The goal is to take advantage of ever-increasing capabilities to transmit vast amounts of data. For wired applications such as routers, switches, servers, logic, memory, PHY, network processors and security processors, Amkor’s FCBGA, fcCSP, SiP, SSOP, SOIC, PBGA, MLF®, QFP and CABGA packages provide the solution. These same packages are used in wireless LANs, mobile infrastructure/base stations and smartphones that also use advanced WLCSP technologies.

Amkor is 5G Ready.

5G services are being deployed globally with 5G products being introduced at a rapid pace. Residential broadband, autonomous cars, streaming video, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and massive machine-to-machine IoT are just some of the applications where 5G services are being implemented.

There are several challenges that are associated with 5G. This is the first time mmWave technology will be used at a large commercial scale. Multiple bands and carrier aggregation increase the RF front-end complexity of 5G solutions. Minimizing signal loss and integrating and shielding multiple RF components in a small space becomes a challenge. Higher data rates result in significant thermal management problems.

Amkor Technology has developed a toolbox of solutions for our customers. Based on their requirements, customers can select from different low Df, low Dk substrates and TIM materials for heat dissipation. Amkor can work with customers to develop models for electrical, thermal and mechanical simulations. We also offer services for design, signal integrity simulations, test and characterization.

With our long history in the communication space, we can help customers with the integration, and modularization of their solutions. Amkor offers several types of packaging solutions that are ideally suited for 5G applications.

Amkor is the leader in package technology and innovation with a global presence, with manufacturing facilities in 8 different countries. With over 50 years of experience as an outsourcing supplier for assembly and test (OSAT) services, Amkor is a reliable partner for communication products. Amkor is your one-stop solution for package design, assembly, and test services.


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