Stay ahead of the semiconductor technology curve

As technology rapidly advances, and consumers demand more customization, Amkor has taken the next step forward in packaging with the development of new technologies to enhance, and sometimes drastically change, the packaging arena.

With one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry, and over 300 leading semiconductor packaging technologists, Amkor is focused on design and development efforts to further advance the value of packaging and provide the total solution for our customers.

We have been instrumental in the development of almost every new packaging technology advance, including thin package formats and BGA packages. Amkor is now focusing on developing technology such as Through Silicon Via (TSV), Through Mold Via (TMV®), System in Package (SiP), copper wirebond, copper pillar, and improving interconnect with flip chip technology and 3D solutions like stacked die packages. We also have teams focused on the latest industry developments including packaging options for gallium arsenide and silicon germanium, and the emerging markets of photonics, MEMS and wafer level fan-out packaging.

2.5D/3D TSV

Solutions for high performance and functionality

3D Stacked Die

Volumetric packaging solutions for higher integration and performance


Make complex simple

Copper Pillar

The interconnect advantage

Edge Protection™

Improve the robustness of your package design

Flip Chip

Packaging solutions to meet various package needs


Wire bond alternatives

MEMS and Sensors

Breakthrough with high-end micro-packaging solutions

Optical Sensors

Enhance reliable and fast sensing applications

Package-on-Package (PoP)

Package solutions for a variety of challenges


Increase integration with a reduced footprint

System in Package (SiP)

The ideal solution for low cost integration at a smaller size