The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems is creating an opportunity for new semiconductor devices

Massive data and data correlation techniques using artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing exciting breakthroughs in the areas of molecular protein research, faster-than-human obstacle recognition in vehicles, real-time Google Maps route recommendations, autopilot systems on commercial airlines and even ride-sharing apps.



This virtuous cycle of data creation from end devices feeds into large data centers with high-speed number-crunching in a manner that was nearly unthinkable just a decade ago. The three-fold powerhouse of computing and storage, AI acceleration and ultrafast networks to connect discrete functions are pushing advanced IC packaging to the limit.

Amkor has developed a high-performance packaging portfolio using key die and module fabrication technologies to combine a few or many die including logic, memory and more to realistically permit the integration of chiplets and high bandwidth memory (HBM) designs to provide heterogeneous packaging solutions.


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