Smaller form factors with improved electrical performance

Amkor’s Flip Chip CSP (fcCSP) package – a flip chip solution in a CSP package format. This package construction partners with all of our available bumping options (Copper Pillar, Pb-free solder, Eutectic), while enabling flip chip interconnect technology in area array and, when replacing standard wirebond interconnect, in a peripheral bump layout. The advantages of flip chip interconnect are multiple: it provides enhanced electrical performance over standard wirebond technology, it allows for a smaller form factor due to increased routing density, and it eliminates the z-height impact of wire-bond loops.

The fcCSP package is an attractive option for applications in which both performance and form factor are critical. Examples include high- performance mobile devices (including 5G), infotainment and ADAS for automotive, and artificial intelligence. Further, the benefits from low inductance and increased routing density enable optimized electrical paths for high-frequency signals, making fcCSP suitable for Baseband, RF, and in-substrate antenna applications.


  • Suitable for low and high-frequency applications
  • Low inductance of flip chip bumps – short, direct signal path
  • No technological limitation to BGA ball count
  • Target markets – mobile (AP, BB, RF, PMIC), automotive, consumer, connectivity, multi-die (side-by-side stacked) applications requiring high routing density
  • Customer package sizes and shapes with strip-based processing
  • Coreless, thin core, laminate, and molded substrate construction
  • Bare die, over-molded, exposed die molded constructions
  • Accommodates package sizes from 1×1 mm2 to 25×25 mm2

  • Bump pitches down to 50 µm in-line and 30/60 µm staggered
  • BGA ball pitches down to 0.3 mm
  • Package thicknesses down to 0.35 mm
  • Turnkey Solutions – design, bumping, wafer probe, assembly, final test
  • Exposed die molding available for low-profile and thermal applications
  • Heat spreader attach available for high-power devices
  • Bottom-side chip attach available for Antenna in Package (AiP) applications (POSSUM™)
  • Mass reflow and thermal compression chip attach available


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