Solving complex 3D packaging challenges

Since 1998, Amkor Technology has been a pioneer in developing and providing high volume, low-cost 3D packaging technologies. Our development through deployment approach transcends the range of applications and packaging platforms requiring 3D technology. Customers benefit from this approach as new 3D packaging solutions are more effectively qualified and ramped to high volume, at low cost, and across multiple factories. New product designs in automotive, industrial, high-end consumer, multimedia, wearables, IoT and AI demand that these features be delivered in innovative form factors and styling. 3D packaging is experiencing high growth and new applications by delivering the highest level of silicon integration and area efficiency at the lowest cost.

Critical 3D platform technologies include:

Microprocessor showing wire bonds connecting stacked dies
  • Design rules and infrastructure for thinner, high-density substrate technologies
  • Advanced wafer thinning and handling systems
  • Thinner die attach and die stacking processes
  • High density and low loop wire bonding
  • Pb-free and environmentally conscious green material sets
  • Flip chip plus wire bond mixed technology stacking
  • Turnkey die and package stacking assembly and test flows

Die Stacking

Amkor’s die stacking technologies are widely deployed in high volume manufacturing across multiple factories and product lines. Customers rely on Amkor’s turnkey and leading-edge capabilities in design, assembly and test to solve their most complex 3D packaging and time to market challenges. Next-generation die stacking technology includes the ability to handle wafers and die thinned below 30 μm. It can then be reliably stacked and interconnected with up to 16 active dies, employing leading-edge die-attach, wirebond and flip chip assembly capabilities.

Die stacking technologies have been demonstrated up to 24 die stacks, however, most stack-ups greater than 9 die high use a combination of die and package stacking technologies to address complex test, yield and logistic challenges. Die stacking is also widely deployed in conventional leadframe-based packages including QFP, MLF® and SOP formats. Leveraging Amkor’s industry-leading infrastructure for high volume, low-cost leadframe production, system designers can achieve significant savings in PCB real estate and overall cost.

Package Stacking: Package-on-Package (PoP)

Stacking of fully assembled and tested packages is an area where Amkor has provided significant innovation to overcome the technical, business and logistics challenges associated with complex die stacks. Amkor launched the popular Package Stackable Very Thin Fine Pitch BGA (PSvfBGA) platform in 2004. PSvfBGA supports single die, stacked die using wirebond or hybrid (flip chip plus wirebond) stacks and has been applied to flip chip applications to improve warpage control and package integrity through test and SMT handling.

The next few years promise to provide many new challenges and applications for PoP, as communications, artificial intelligence and networking applications continue to demand higher signal processing power and data storage capabilities. Amkor is committed to maintaining strong development and production capabilities to ensure we are at the forefront in meeting next-generation PoP requirements.


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