Amkor’s corporate management –
shared values and mission

James Kim, Executive Chairman, founded Amkor Technology in 1968. Since then, the company has grown to more than 30,000 employees worldwide with a stellar corporate management team. Today, Amkor is a strategic contract manufacturing resource for many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. We have developed a unique expertise in high-volume manufacturing techniques and have diversified and expanded our operational scope by establishing production centers in strategic locations throughout Asia.


Headshot of James Kim

James Kim

Executive Chairman

Headshot of Giel Rutten

Giel Rutten

President & Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Headshot of Megan Faust

Megan Faust

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
and Treasurer

Headshot of Farshad Haghighi

Farshad Haghighi

Executive Vice President,
Chief Sales Officer

Kevin Engel

Kevin Engel

Executive Vice President, Business Units

Amkor’s Board of Directors –
depth of leadership and experience

Amkor’s Board of Directors forms the highest level of authority in the governance of our company and includes elected individuals who represent the interest of the shareholders. Amkor’s corporate governance principles have been approved by the Board of Directors and, along with the charters and key practices of the board committees, provide the framework for our corporate governance.


James Kim

Executive Chairman

Susan Kim

Executive Vice Chairman

Giel Rutten

President & Chief Executive Officer

Doug Alexander


Roger Carolin

Venture Partner, SCP Partners

Winston Churchill

Lead Independent Director Managing General Partner,
SCP Partners and Chairman,
CIP Capital, Inc.

Daniel Liao

Former Chairman of Lam Asia Pacific Operations

MaryFrances McCourt


Robert Morse

Executive Chairman of Bridge Investment Group Partners and Chairman and CEO of PMC Partners

Gil Tily


David Watson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable