Electrical and thermally-enhanced power package

PowerCSP™ is an innovative chip scale power transistor package. It has a simple structure, excellent electrical and thermal properties, and a high-density form factor that suits the challenges of discrete or integrated packaging.

This package features:

  • A high percent of conductive material within the volume of the package of 30-70%
  • CMOS, GaN and SiC compatible
  • Custom and standard pin layouts in a dual-sided power package
  • Direct connection of the source or drain to the PCB
  • Integrated power building block
  • Low resistance (Rds), low inductance (Lds), and good capacitive (Ciss) performance compared to other discrete packages
  • Reduced thermal and electrical interfaces
  • Reduced form factor, Chip Scale Package (CSP)

New Developments

  • Eliminates lossy interfaces compared to traditional discrete packaging
  • Maximized source and drain connectivity area
  • Simple package structure eliminates clip and wire for a direct source/drain/gate connection


PowerCSP™ is suitable for power applications, designed for low
on-resistance and high-speed-switching MOSFETs such as:

  • DC/DC conversion
  • Electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Telecom/Datacenters



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