High-density storage solutions

The NAND Flash storage subsystem for mobile devices is composed of multiple memory chips and a NAND Flash controller chip, packaged inside a single BGA package. This type of package supports high rates of data transfer speeds and lower power consumption. This results in better performance and longer battery life.

Amkor supports the latest form factors in mobile storage:

  • UFS, MCP, MMC and custom

Stacked NAND Flash + Controller + Other components in a thin package

  • High-density storage for smartphones, tablets and watches
  • Controller + 1~16x stacked NAND
  • Ultra-thin die processing with crack prevention
  • Industry standard: 11.5 x 13 mm body and 153 balls (2~4 layer PCB)
  • Flip chip or wire bonded controller
  • DDR and EMI shield option

Turnkey service with test and burn-In

  • Parallel NAND core test and CTRL test in high/low temp
  • System Level Test (SLT) available

Mobile storage

Stacked CSP Memory Package


  • Consumer devices
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets


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