SEMI – Semiconductor Materials Conference Korea 2021

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the upcoming SEMI – Semiconductor Materials Conference Korea 2021 being held online on May 12-18, 2021.

JinSuk Jeong, Fab Material Development Project, R&D at Amkor Technology Korea, will present “Advanced Packaging: Trends, Technologies and Challenges.

Presentation Abstract:

In a mega-trends-driven era, fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) is increasingly emerging as one of the promising options amongst leading package technologies on the back of fast-paced growing market demand for 5G, Mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, computing and datacenter.

Furthermore, as the semiconductor industry faces fundamental limitations of silicon downscaling, advanced fan-out packages have attracted more attention with their flexibility of functional integration and the partitioning of the most advanced silicon nodes.

To break through into a highly competitive market and to drive a new business model as well, you need to deliver innovative wafer-level fan-out technologies with small form factors and more interconnectivity, higher electrical performance at a relatively low cost compared to existing advanced packaging.

This presentation discusses wafer level technologies, technical challenges, and materials to realize the most advanced packaging platforms and to address next-generation product requirements.

When: May 12, 2021 - May 18, 2021 Where: VIRTUAL Location: VIRTUAL

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