Lightweight and thin package solution

Amkor’s broad line of Thin Quad Flat Packages (TQFPs) is well suited for customers that require reliable, cost-effective packages that are well established in the semiconductor industry. A wide range of body sizes and lead counts make this a versatile solution for many applications. TQFP packages are particularly valuable for applications requiring broad performance characteristics. Applications include PCs, video/audio, gaming, data acquisition, office equipment, automotive, industrial, storage and communications.

TQFP 是大多数 IC 半导体技术的理想封装,其中包括 DSP、PLD、微处理器、PMIC 控制器和 ASIC 等。Amkor 提供各式开放式工具引脚框架内的晶粒衬垫尺寸,以及定制的引脚框架设计。


  • 5 x 5 毫米至 20 x 20 毫米封装尺寸
  • 32-176 个引脚数量
  • A broad selection of die pad sizes
  • 铜引脚框架
  • 1.0 毫米封装厚度
  • 定制引脚框架设计
  • Low-stress BOM for stress-sensitive products
  • 无铅且符合 RoHS 要求


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