Amkor 的 ChipArray®/FBGA 封装的原型设计和生产

Amkor 的 ChipArray® 球栅阵列 (CABGA) 是一种层压基板封装解决方案,在世界范围内兼容各种表面黏着技术 (SMT) 的黏晶制程。

CABGA packages are applicable for a wide range of semiconductors from high-end FPGAs, ASICS to memory, analog, RF devices, MCUs and simple PLDs requiring a smaller package size than conventional PBGAs or leadframe. The near chip size CABGA fine-pitch BGA (FBGA) offers a broad selection of ball array pitches (≥ 0.3 mm pitch), ball counts and body sizes (1.5–27 mm body), single and multi-die layouts, stacked die (1-16) and passive component integration.

Copper wire is today’s fastest growing interconnect method and Amkor offers high volume infrastructure at all Amkor CABGA production locations. ChipArray fills the need for low cost, minimum space, high performance and reliability requirements of mobile and gaming devices, notebooks, personal computers, networking, automotive and industrial applications.


  • 尖端技术和大量封装解决方案提供原型到生产的平台
  • 以 Amkor 的各种标准 CABGA 材料在最大程度上降低成本
  • 适用于 1.5-27 毫米封装尺寸
  • 提供方形或矩形封装
  • 4-700 个焊球/引脚数量
  • 0.4 毫米、0.5 毫米、0.65 毫米、0.75 毫米、0.80 毫米和 1.0 毫米焊球节距
  • JEDEC Publication 95 Design Guide 4.5 (JEP95)
  • CABGA 系列解决方案全部采用 RoHS-6(绿色)材料
  • 提供热传导环氧基树脂 (8W/mk) 和热传导化合物 (3W/mk)
  • 符合汽车业 AEC-Q100 标准


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