Amkor Quality Policy

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is conveyed through QualityFIRST

Amkor delivers industry-leading quality services to customers through our QualityFIRST initiative.

Amkor 知道,对于质量的追求不应该止步于制造阶段。QualityFIRST 深植于我们的制程,确保 Amkor 的所有员工都秉持相同的质量标准。

Amkor embraces the principles and concepts of QualityFIRST and incorporates them in all segments of our business from new product development to manufacturing, administration, sales and customer service.

Amkor Quality Infographic


Amkor is the world’s top automotive OSAT with the highest quality

Automotive quality expectations now measure defects in the “number of quality incidents” instead of PPM or PPB. As the world’s largest OSAT for automotive ICs, we continuously strive to exceed customer requirements on a path toward zero defects.


  • Zero defect mindset
    • Amkor 的 QualityFirst 文化
    • Automotive Golden Rules
  • Automotive quality standard
    • IATF-16949
    • AIAG Core Tools & VDA 6.3
  • Customer-specific automotive requirements
    • 变革管理
    • Product-based FMEA/control plan

Automotive Process Controls

  • Automotive standard process and control
  • Factory automation
  • Unit Level Traceability (ULT)
  • Hands-free operation
  • Designated resources
  • 5S, foreign material control

Supplier Quality

Our valued suppliers are key to achieving Amkor’s QualityFIRST in the semiconductor assembly and testing industry

Amkor’s global Supplier Quality Management (SQM) teams drive our suppliers to proactively work towards Amkor’s quality expectations. Our suppliers are encouraged to make systematic and ongoing improvements to their products and processes through rigorous monitoring of material conformance to meet Amkor’s requirements.

Quality Requirements
  • Supplier system requirements
  • Procurement (PO) specs per material type
Excursion Management (MRB/SCAR)
  • Incoming inspection
  • IQA specs per material type (various IQA specs)
  • Raw material control – supplier CAR
  • Raw material MRB
Supplier/Material Assessment & Qualification
  • Supplier quality system assessment
    • Quality system audit
    • Manufacturing process audit
  • Raw material/supplier qualification
  • Supplier audit (Amkor internal)
Performance Review
  • Supplier rate & ranking

Continuous Improvement

We learn from everything we do and every day we strive for perfection

Amkor has designed continuous improvement activities across worldwide factories to achieve a steady, ongoing improvement to products, processes and services through constant review, measurement and action by Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

  • Customer Task Force Team (CTFTs)
  • Zero defect management TFTs
  • 5S and FM (chlorine) TFTs
  • Best Known Method (BKM) fan-out systems
  • Process Improvement Council (PIC)
  • Corporate Equipment Engineering (CEE)
  • Customer audit & internal audit


Amkor adheres to internationally recognized quality management standards. Manufacturing locations are all certified and maintain the ISO-9001 & IATF-16949 for Quality Management Systems and the ISO-14001, ISO-14064, ISO-45001 and OHSAS-18001 for Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems.


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