Power discrete packaging for small and medium-size diode applications

Amkor 的 SOD123-FL 功率离散封装是我们 FLAT 紧凑表面贴装封装系列产品之一,能够对通讯设备进行微型化。

SOD123-FL FLAT packages from Amkor are suitable for the application of high-efficiency diodes in small and medium size such as Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs), rectifier diodes and Zener diodes. New developments include larger/higher density leadframe strips, environmentally friendly Pb-free solder paste, bare copper leadframe, and solder paste die attach. This package may also be known as S-FLAT, SMF, STmite Flat or JEDEC DO-219 AB.


  • 铜连接器结构,以降低电感与电阻
  • 优化热性能
  • 从晶圆探针到测试与封装的一站式服务
  • 绿色材料:无铅电镀和无卤素模塑化合物


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