Thermal efficiency for high-performance demands

This Amkor developed family of power IC packages significantly increases the thermal efficiency of power constrained standard Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP) and Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) packages. Exposed (ePad) LQFP/TQFP (also known as HLQFP/HTQFP) can increase heat dissipation by as much as 110% over a standard LQFP/TQFP, expanding the margin of operating parameters. ePad can also be connected to a ground, reducing loop inductance for high-frequency applications. For a multi-chip solution, 3D packaging with die stack process is also available.

ePad LQFP/TQFP 为设计和制造高性能产品的设计师扩展了必要的参数访问,此类产品包括通讯、储存、无线、网络、PC、汽车和其他类似应用。由于其出色的屏蔽和接地功能,GaAs 和高速硅技术能够与 ePad LQFP/TQFP 完美兼容。


  • 5 x 5 毫米至 28 x 28 毫米封装尺寸
  • 32-256 个引脚数量
  • A broad selection of die pad sizes
  • 双下置接地阻抗环形垫板
  • 铜引脚框架
  • 适用于 TQFP 的 1.0 毫米封装厚度
  • 适用于 LQFP 的 1.4 毫米封装厚度
  • 定制引脚框架设计
  • 对 ExposedPad 进行轻松倒装以适应散热片粘合
  • 薄型 – <1.2 毫米最大贴装高度
  • Electrical – Very low loop inductance with use of paddle as a ground path, more pins available for signal and allows for operating frequencies of up to 2.4 GHz


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