Advanced Packaging Conference 2024

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the Advanced Packaging Conference (APC) co-located with SEMICON Europa on Wednesday, November 13 in Munich, Germany at the Messe München.

YoungDo Kweon, Sr Director, Chiplets/FCBGA Development at Amkor will present “Power and Thermal Management in Advanced Chiplet-based Packaging.”


Chiplet-based packaging has several benefits, such as yield enhancement through logic die partitioning, system form factor reduction, and on-time to market through heterogeneous integration. However, chiplet-based packaging requires an optimized interconnection among semiconductor device dies for high bandwidth, low latency, and low power in the small form factor as advanced chiplet-based packaging. Thus, there are several challenges, such as PDN (Power Distribution Network) optimization, TDP (Thermal Dissipation Path) creation, and thermal stress minimization in the complex chiplet-based heterogeneous integration. To solve these challenges, it needs to consider power delivery optimization while managing thermal dissipation.

Amkor can support an efficient thermal dissipated chiplet-based packaging solution to succeed in customer’s business. As known, semiconductor IC (Integrated Circuits) power densities are still increasing yearly; moving to high-performance cooling systems, such as boiling liquid carries away heat generated by computer servers. Based on this kind of advanced cooling method at the Data Center, the packaging thermal resistance portion of ΘJA is increased. Thus, it is important to make better thermal performed FCBGA packages with TIM (Thermal Interfacial Materials) of Data Center application, and advanced chiplet-based packaging requires higher thermal dissipation performance continuously. For example, polymer TIMs have a limit to perform a low ΘJC on the thermal dissipation requirement because of a higher interfacial thermal resistance than TIM I. Therefore, advanced chiplet-based heterogeneous integrated FCBGA with Indium alloy TIM is one solution because there are many positive customers’ experimental data. This means that Indium alloy TIM as TIM I could provide 2x longer semiconductor device lifetime relatively. In addition, a molded FCBGA can support to creation of a new thermal dissipation path and to reduce semiconductor device ILD (Interlayer Dielectric) thermal stress for advanced 2.5D and 3D chiplet-based heterogeneous integrated packages.

When: November 12, 2024 - November 15, 2024 Where: Messe München 地点:慕尼黑,德国



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