User2User North America – The Mentor User Conference

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the User2User North America Virtual Conference on November 10, 2020. User2User North America is a one-day virtual conference dedicated to end-users of Mentor EDA/IC solutions.

Ruben Fuentes, VP – Design Center at Amkor will be presenting “Design Process for Achieving High-Volume Production Quality for HDFO Packaging


Advanced high-density packages such as HDFO bring design challenges that traditional organic laminate processes and design tools struggle with and often fail to satisfy. We will discuss the process and design flow Amkor developed and lessons learned that are now driving high-volume production.

The goal of this session is to provide real-world experience, observations, guidance, and recommendations for package designers embarking on the design of HDFO packages. Amkor’s HDFO was announced in late 2016 and was named the “Device of the Year” at that year’s 3D InCites Awards ceremony. It was recognized for being “uniquely developed to deliver a high yielding, high- performance package with the thinnest profile in the industry.” This HDFO was also noted for its ability to deliver 2-μm line/space lithography with up to four RDLs and a very dense network of memory interface vias at a very competitive price. Working with early customers, the need to build a proven, reliable production-ready design process and flow increased in priority. Since existing design tools and flows were not ideal for HDFO, a search was initiated to define a solution that would meet the design and verification needs to ensure high-volume production.

We will discuss in detail the challenges that HDFO and similar advanced packaging technologies bring to designers and OSAT suppliers and why traditional design processes, flows, and even design tools will struggle and often fail to achieve high- volume production. It will explore the paradigm of designing around a 3D digital model of the complete package device assembly and how this golden model can be used to drive detailed substrate layout and verification. This session will also cover the design requirements and related challenges that are faced by substrate designers; as well as discuss the design techniques that must be adopted to not just meet the design requirements, but to do so in a reliable, productive way to achieve high-quality results that meet manufacturing volume yield expectations.

When: November 10, 2020 Where: VIRTUAL Location: VIRTUAL

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