IMAPS Symposium 2023

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the IMAPS Symposium 2023 on October 2-5, 2023, in San Diego, California.

Amkor’s Suresh Jayaraman, Sr Director, Chiplets/FCBGA Development, is the General Chair for this year’s symposium.

Ruben Fuentes, Vice President of the R&D Design Center at Amkor will present “Package Assembly Design Kits (PADK’s) – The Future of Advanced Package Design.”


HDFO design layout and system-level performance require a range of dynamic design rule definitions. Package Assembly Design Kits can capture and implement these design rule constraints. These PADKs offer a special type of implementation by validating the design layout with a benchmark that supports the manufacturing and assembly processes performed by the OSATs. Partnering with an OSAT to utilize PADKs from the beginning of the package design development is critical to reducing the number of design layout spins sometimes required to meet manufacturing and assembly best practices. As the HDFO signal I/O counts increase prepositionally with the package complexity, the only practical solution is to leverage the strength of a PADK to drive the package design layout from day one. Establishing a PADK into an existing design workflow does take some investment; however, the rewards can be exponential, with sequential or parallel projects commencing. Areas requiring an investment will depend on the current design environment and established workflows.

The following are the four pillars that lead to a successful PADK implementation: high-end computer hardware, compatible software, advanced training, and a qualified support team. The scale of each will additionally depend on the scope of each package being developed. One especially positive feature of the elements that make up the package assembly design kit is that each item can be implemented into existing design flows. The impact on the design flow is minimal, but the results are immense. Pulling all the benefits together is like opening the doors into tomorrow, and they remain open with the potential and opportunities offered by the advancements in Package Assembly Design Kits.

When: October 2, 2023 - October 5, 2023 Where: Town and Country San Diego Hotel Location: San Diego, California

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