IMAPS Advanced SiP Technology Virtual Conference

Amkor Technology is a proud sponsor of the upcoming IMAPS Advanced SiP Technology Virtual Conference being held on August 9-12, 2021.

Nozad Karim, VP, Product Line SiP at Amkor will be a panelist during the live panel session: “SiP Challenges for 5G” on Tuesday, August 10 from 9-10 AM PST.

Vineet Pancholi, Sr Director, Test Technology at Amkor will be presenting “System in Package (SiP) Test Solutions for 5G/IoT


System in Package (SiP) is loosely defined as a number of integrated circuits enclosed in one or more chip carrier packages that may be stacked using Package-on-Package (PoP) technologies. Customer definitions of SiPs differ widely depending on the application. Customers may carve out fractional functional blocks, like power management integrated circuits (PMICs) or analog or mixed-signal (M/S) sensors or radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Applications gaining more popularity recently include low-power mobile, handheld and wearable products. These applications require test engineers to have a broad spectrum of expertise in each of these functional areas.

SiPs may include a heterogeneous die and passive components integrated within the package. Environmental conditions play a vital role in the performance metrics of the overall application platform. Each functional block and IC within the SiP may have a unique sweet spot (or range) of operation, in terms of process, voltage and temperature (PVT). Also, the package may have a sharp thermal gradient, due to a non-isothermal physical layout. Consequently, system level test (SLT) may be mandatory to verify the electrical integrity of each component. Packaging may be a bare package with components on a printed circuit board (PCB) substrate or a molded package and may include compartmental shielding.

This presentation will provide a brief description of example SiP designs to alleviate identified concerns. It will then address outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) supplier test challenges and solutions being offered today for 5G wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

When: August 9, 2021 - August 12, 2021 Where: VIRTUAL Location: VIRTUAL

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