International Semiconductor Executive Summit Webinar

Join Amkor Technology at the upcoming International Semiconductor Executive Summit Webinar – Advanced Packaging Task Force II on August 4, 2020.

With electronics products makers calling on semiconductors to support more high-performance applications in smaller footprints, packaging is rising in importance as a key enabling technology. Increasing packaging miniaturization and integration are providing benefits for electronics systems including:

  • More functionality in less space
  • Higher performance
  • Smaller size
  • Lower cost

The next generation of packaging advances will require collaboration across the semiconductor supply chain with new ideas, partnerships and new business models.

Amkor will be presenting the following:

Ron Huemoeller, CVP – Head of Global R&D at Amkor Technology will be presenting “Heterogeneous Integration: A New Era of Advanced Package Technology


The pace of technical innovation in semiconductor packaging continues to accelerate forward at remarkable rates. While the latest wave of technology advancements is largely due to product needs in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and cloud computing, the mobile market continues to have strong influence as well. For each of these leading-edge applications, the technology drivers all share a common feature: ultra-high-speed computing integration. As a result of recent advancements in packaging technology, specifically heterogeneous integration, the integration of higher bandwidth memory (HBM), higher transmission speeds and high-performance computing can all be addressed. Technologies such as High-Density Fan-Out (HDFO), 2.5D Through Silicon Via (TSV), silicon bridge and chip on substrate (CoS) will all play key roles in addressing these end product markets. In addition, as the semiconductor industry approaches the fundamental limits of silicon scaling, each of these technologies will become essential in enabling the partitioning of the most advanced silicon nodes to address cost, yield and performance and subsequently allow the reintegration into a single package platform. This presentation discusses the most advanced packaging technology platforms to address next-generation product needs.


When: August 4, 2020 Where: ONLINE Location: ONLINE

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