Low-profile leadframe 패키징

Amkor’s Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP) is a leadframe-based, plastic encapsulated package suited for memory products, including SRAM, FLASH, FSRAM, and EEPROMs. A green BOM is standard, allowing devices to meet applicable Pb-free and RoHS standards. Amkor has a broad base of resources available to help customers bring quality new products to market quickly and at the lowest possible cost.


  • 저비용을 위한 Cu wire bond 또는 Ag wire bond
  • 표준 JEDEC 패키지 규격
  • 메모리 애플리케이션을 위해 강화된 설계
  • Stacked die up to 4X, including stair step and Film-over Wire (FoW) construction
  • strip 테스트 옵션을 포함한 Turnkey 테스트 서비스

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