IC 패키징에서의 최적의 성능

Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) is a leadframe based, plastic encapsulated package, that occupies less area and has a reduced thickness compared to a dual in-line package. This high-volume industry standard package is ideal for end-products such as portable audio, video, and communications that require optimal performance with reduced size and weight. New developments include stealth dicing (narrow saw streets), larger/higher density leadframe strips and leadframe roughening for improved Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) capability.


  • 저비용을 위한 Cu wire bond
  • 표준 JEDEC 패키지 규격
  • Multi-die 어셈블리 생산 능력
  • Turnkey test service, including strip test option
  • 친환경 재료 - 무연, 유해물질규제 (RoHS) 준수

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