MQFP의 장점을 유지한 더 작은 패키지

Amkor offers a broad line of Low Profile Quad Flat Packages (LQFP) designed to provide the same benefits as a Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP) with a 1.4 mm body thickness.

Amkor’s LQFP allows customers to focus on meeting requirements related to increasing board density, die shrink programs, thin end-product profile and portability. LQFP packages are ideal for most IC semiconductor technologies including microcontrollers and ASICs. These packages are valuable for electronic systems requiring broad performance characteristics. Applications include PCs, video/audio, storage and communications, automotive and industrial controller ICs.


  • 7 x 7 mm에서 28 x 28 mm의 패키지 크기
  • 제품 두께 1.4 mm
  • 32–256의 lead 개수
  • Copper leadframes
  • 고객맞춤형 leadframe 설계 가능
  • 공용 leadframe에서 die pad 크기에 따른 다양한 선택 범위
  • 무연, 유해물질규제 (RoHS) 준수

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