IEMT 2024

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at IEMT 2024 in Penang, Malaysia at the G Hotel Gurney on October 16-18. Amkor is a Platinum Sponsor for this event.

Amkor will participate in the following

Presentation Session:

“Ablation Laser Dicing Revolutionizes Ultra-thin Wafer Saws Beyond the Capability of Blade Dicing”
Yeo Siang Miang, Sr. Engineer

“Effective Approach to Achieve Zero Delamination on High Power Automotive Devices after Stringent Reliability Stress ”
Tan Chin Joo, Sr. R&D Engineer

Poster Session:

An Innovative Hybrid Cleaning Approach for White Contaminant Removal in Semiconductor Packaging
Lim Chun Yuan, Product Engineer

“Energy Saving in Semiconductor Packaging Plating Processes through Lowering Chemical Deflash Temperatures”
Arieff Aizuddin Yusoff, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

“Synergistic Interactions Between Water Soluble Solder Paste and Ultrasonic Flux Clean in Producing Zero Solder Ball Reject”
Nurrul Anis Syuhada Abd Latif, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

“Effective Lead Lock Tape Solution for Mitigating Leadframe’s Lead Bend in Semiconductor Packaging”
Mahenthren Palaniappan, Manufacturing Engineer

“Illuminating Precision Enhancing Die Attach Vision Accuracy in Semiconductor Manufacturing”
Mahenthren Palaniappan, Manufacturing Engineer

When: October 16, 2024 - October 18, 2024 Where: G Hotel Gurney 위치: 밀레이시아 페낭

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