The broadest range of flip chip package solutions
on the market

Amkor is committed to being the leading provider of Flip Chip in Package (FCiP) technology. By partnering with proven industry leaders, Amkor has brought high volume flip chip packaging and assembly to the subcontract market. FCBGA, fcLBGA, fcLGA, FlipStack® CSP and fcCSP packages are qualified and in production. Flip chip production capability exists in our Portugal, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, and China factories. Wafer bumping, wafer level packaging (WLP) and flip chip packaging solutions are qualified in lead-free options.

Using flip chip interconnect offers many possible advantages to the user:

  • Reduced signal inductance – Because the interconnect is much shorter in length (0.1 mm vs. 1–5 mm), the inductance of the signal path is greatly reduced. This is a key factor in high-speed communication and switching devices
  • Reduced power/ground inductance – By using flip chip interconnect, power can be brought directly into the core of the die, rather than requiring rerouting to the edges. This greatly decreases the noise of the core power, improving the performance of the silicon
  • チップのシュリンクーパッドによりチップサイズが制限されるチップの場合(ボンディングパッドに必要なチップ周囲のスペースによりサイズが決まるため)、チップサイズを縮小し、デバイスのコストを低減します。

  • Higher signal density – Rather than edge only, the entire surface of the die can be used for interconnect. This is similar to the comparison between QFP and BGA packages. Because flip chip can connect over the surface of the die, it can support larger numbers of interconnects on the same die size
  • パッケージのフットプリント低減ー 一部のケースでは、フリップチップを使用することによりパッケージサイズが低減できます。これはチップ端からパッケージ端の幅(ワイヤを張るための余分なスペースが不要になるため)を減らすこと、またパッケージピッチの低減を可能にするより高密度の基板を使用することによって実現されます。