Offering design flexibility for medium power applications

Amkor’s HSON8 package is optimized for medium power applications designed for low on-resistance and high-speed switching MOSFETs, found in motor drivers, injection drivers, power supply circuits, lamp drivers and automotive products. For design flexibility, the HSON8 power discrete package maintains the same 5 x 6 mm footprint area as the standard SOP8 package. To enhance thermal performance, it features an exposed die pad.


  • Alワイヤボンディング
  • Plating coverage at the tip of the lead is more than 50% of the leadframe thickness
  • プローブテストからファイナルテスト/パッキングまでのフルターンキーソリューション
  • 環境に優しい材料:Pbフリーめっきおよびハロゲンフリーモールド樹脂