Excellent RF electrical performance

AmkorのFusionQuad®(VQFP/HVF-PQFP)は、ExposedPad Thin Quad Flat Package(TQFP)とMicroLeadFrame®(MLF)技術の効果的な統合によって、リードフレームベースのプラスチックパッケージでブレークスルーを起しました。

FusionQuad technology extends the I/O range of classic leadframe packaging to nearly 400 unique pins and delivers an approximate 50% reduction in package size for a given lead count. Additionally, these packages provide excellent RF electrical performance characteristics with short signal paths to the bottomlands and high-power dissipation capability with the solderable exposed die attach paddle. The novel integration of bottom lands in a Quad Flat Package (QFP) provides a cost-effective platform for an increased lead count in a small form factor.

Amkor’s FusionQuad provides an ideal package format for most IC semiconductor technologies including advanced mixed-signal SoCs, MCUs, ASICs, DSPs and a variety of others. These packages are particularly well suited for applications requiring superior electrical or thermal performance in a cost-constrained environment including storage, PCs, communications, automotive and many others.


  • ボディサイズ:10 x 10 mm~24 x 24 mm
  • より小型のパッケージフットプリントでI/O数を増加(116~356)
  • Cuリードフレームベース
  • E-Pad搭載
  • ボディ厚:0.8 mm、1.0 mm
  • Pb-free/グリーン
  • 理想的な電気特性および熱特性を実現するフレキシブルなデザイン